Tartan Skirmish Radio Ep6

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Tartan Skirmish Radio Ep6

Episode VI

Due to some hideous echo issues on the recordings, blanket silences had to be applied to big sections of one side of the audio.  The overall audio is affected in some places, particularly when Greg is speaking.  We apologise for this.

Host: David Kerr-Smith

Guests: Greg Findlay & Dave Reekie

Episode 6 is an event report on the recent Blood, Steel & Stones Malifaux tournament that was held on 7/7/12.


Tartan Skirmish Radio Ep 4

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Host: David Kerr-Smith

Guests: Greg Findlay & Dave Reekie,

Episode 4 is a Malifaux centred podcasts talking a little bit about why our guests love the Resurrectionists so much, Wyrd’s new releases and getting into the Malifaux tournament scene


Tartan Skirmish Radio Ep 4.

Tartan Skirmish Radio Ep5

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Episode 5



Episode 5 sees Kenzie recording his first podcast and wrestle with audacity.

Host: Kenzie Smith                  Guests: Sion Bayliss & Dan Rayner

Features Kenzie and guests talking about two recent Urban War tournament that he organised: Suburban War & Headhunter.

Blood in the badlands skaven markers

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Blood in the badlands skaven markers



For the Blood in the badlands , a Warhammer fantasy  campaign i needed to make army markers for the mighty empires campaign map.

The plague monk banner top has a small skaven which i will be basing on a penny and painting up two of these as a Skyre and a Pestilens armies.

The last marker is for the generals army which contains a verminlord,, for making this i used the epic eldar avatar and added yet again a plague monk banner top as a head and added a tail and green stuffed some fur on the legs.


Bear-All Showcase – KenzieMSmith

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Bear-All Showcase – KenzieMSmith.

Tartan Skirmish Radio Ep3

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Tartan Skirmish Radio Ep3.

Progress update Feb

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Projects Completed:

Warhammer 40’000 : Orks 1000pts (10 miniatures to paint)

Warmaster ancients : Norman force 1000pts

Warmachine: Menoth- 25pts

Projects to finish:

Warhammer fantasy battle: Skaven 2000pts (two units to finish)

Warhammer 40’000 : Imperial guard 1000pts

Dreadfleet (painting)

Urban War: Koralon: Make up to 300pts

Malifaux: Make each of these forces to 35SS (Scrap level)

Liliths Neverborn (19/35)

Viktorias Outcasts (24/35)

Rasputinas Arcanists (9/35)