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Another roleplaying game

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Ok it’s another Lord of the rings based roleplaying game. but this seems to be building up the action as a three-piece set, this being the first, then building up the timeline when more races become available and new locations become more important in the story. This for me is a must buy, not sure if i’ll get a chance to play but i will most likely purchase it.

The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild:

Set after the events of The Hobbit; future core game releases will expand the game to the era of the War of the Ring

Two core books in premium slipcover: Loremaster’s Book for GMs and Adventurer’s Book for players


Skirmish 2011

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Skirmish 2011


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Alexis from Four A miniatures

Too many RPG’s not enough time to play.

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As the title suggests, i seem to have aquired quite a few roleplaying games, which even after owning some for years i still haven’t managed to play a game with them. As i seem to own quite a few its only common sense that if i where to play i would be the GM.

Here is the ‘List’

Lord of the rings rpg by decipher-

I have owned this pretty much as soon as they came out, i have most of the supplements but alas still not had the chance to run the game yet. which is a shame, i suspect because of the strict storyline it’d put players off. i have even written the startings of a campaign , but i have used elements in a warhammer fantasy roleplaying campaign (2nd edition) i ran last year.


 Slaine by Mongoose Publishing

Based on the legendary 2000AD comic strip saga created by Pat Mills and Angela
Kincaid. The concept and setting for the game is Brillant. My favourite parts are that you can give your weapon a name and it preforms better, and Insults to enimies are used for combat bonuses. so very flavoursome. Now this game uses D&D 3/3.5 so it took me a while to track down the players handbook. but its still something i’d like to play. i have the first two parts of the Horned Lord and Moon Sow campaign that was published.


Dark Heresy by Fantasy flight

A Warhammer 40’000 roleplaying game. since Inquisitor came out i have been hoping for a more in depth rpg for 40k, and here it is at its starting level. now maybe this shouldn’t be on the list, as after the winter holidays i will be starting my first campaign. Its been in my collection for about a year and a half now.



Dark Heresy  PC’s

 Kar, Feral world Guardsman
Soloman “Cutter” Garvel, Hive world Scum
 Krell “Stern” Rabalias, Hive World scum
Zetkin, Void born psyker
Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial world Arbitrator
Novus Dorn, Imperial world Tech priest

  Deathwatch by Fantasy flight – A Warhammer 40’000 roleplaying game. this time your a space marine.

In this system everyone is a member of a Ordo Xenos Kill team, each marine hailing from a different chapter (possibly could be from same one, depends on what the players want) now again this maybeshouldn’t be on this list as i will be using this ruleset as a follow on from the Dark heresy  campaign.



Kill-Team PC’s
Imperial Fist Apothecary
Makradon, Dark angel tactical Marine

Sepheran, Blood Angel Assault Marine
Varenus, Ultramarine Assault Marine

Baldar, Space wolf Devastator
Kestyr, Dark Sentinel Librarian

Dark Sentinels are a custom made chapter using the Rules in the Rites of battle supplement.

  Dungeons & Dragons fourth edition by Wizards of the coast

Much as been said about this current edition of the system, i have only had a small amount of play time with, but i would love to GM it as the adventure books and sets are very good. From reading i feel very positive about the game. and not too complex to bog everything down.

 Transformers Roleplaying game by Louis Hoefer.

I should point out that this game is “fan made” which means i had to print it off and place it in a folder. now myself and a gaming group made up characters and it is clear that smaller robots are far more powerful than larger ones. ok they are weaker in combat per hit but they get to attack more and are harder to hit back, plus smaller sized characters get more build points, so it was odd when a smaller robot had better skills and more hit points than a character almost three times larger (more so the hit points). so the game was abandoned untill i make amendments.

 Middle earth role-playing by I.C.E

This is one game that i dont think i will actually play. the reviews i have read for this game are all very positive, much more so than the lotr rpg by decipher. but any of my ventures into middle earth, i’d use the newer one.




 Anima :Beyond fantasy by Fantasy flight

Another oddity as i dont have this one yet, but its going to be my next game purchase. i just like the look of it and being a long time Manga and anime fan it appeals to me greatl, i have mentioned this to my gaming group and they feel they like to give it a go too, so thats added to the game list.

Space Hulk-Death angel

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This is a nice game, i would greatly recommend to anybody.
It can be played with one to six players.
i have mostly played the solo game. and i have only won it a handful of time.

i still haven’t got the new expansions yet (Character pack and mission pack.)
but hopefully soon.

Curse of Zandri – Dreadfleet

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Other Blog

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Hey guys, this is an additionial blog to the main one i use.

I dont think i will use this as much but i will link articles from the site above.

but who really knows what the future will hold.