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Bear-All Showcase – KenzieMSmith

Posted in Games on February 20, 2012 by kenziebacon213

Bear-All Showcase – KenzieMSmith.


Tartan Skirmish Radio Ep3

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Tartan Skirmish Radio Ep3.

Progress update Feb

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Projects Completed:

Warhammer 40’000 : Orks 1000pts (10 miniatures to paint)

Warmaster ancients : Norman force 1000pts

Warmachine: Menoth- 25pts

Projects to finish:

Warhammer fantasy battle: Skaven 2000pts (two units to finish)

Warhammer 40’000 : Imperial guard 1000pts

Dreadfleet (painting)

Urban War: Koralon: Make up to 300pts

Malifaux: Make each of these forces to 35SS (Scrap level)

Liliths Neverborn (19/35)

Viktorias Outcasts (24/35)

Rasputinas Arcanists (9/35)